Workshops for 4-11 year olds in English and Maths

Is your child lacking confidence in the classroom? Do they struggle in a particular area of English or Maths? Maybe they are a lover of learning and want more! Bright Sparks Teaching offers English and Maths workshops for children aged 4-11 years in groups of no more than 8, so a ratio of 4 children to 1 teacher. Taught by current, qualified and experienced teachers who have also been private 1-1 tutors, Jo and Louise bring fun, engaging and interactive sessions through their inspiring workshops. These workshops are designed to encourage children to achieve their full potential and grow in confidence to make learning a positive experience.  Based in Great Ashby, Stevenage but with plans to offer pop up workshops within Hertfordshire, allow your child the chance to 'Switch on their Potential.'

Quotes from parents:

"Such a fun and interactive way of learning. My twins have been to the Year 2 sessions the last two school holidays and want to go again! Never that keen to learn when I ask them to do something with me! The ratio of teachers to children is worth the money before you even go into the amazing topics they cover without the kids really realising they are learning! Mine can't wait to see what's on offer in the summer!"

"Thank you for such a wonderful session today. My daughter was full of excitement at the spell she made and the cards she had designed about the wonderful characters you chose for the Yr 5 English Workshop.
She enjoyed being with you so much she is asking to do more. Thank you for your inspiration and patience. Hopefully see you again soon."

"My daughter loves attending the Bright Sparks Workshops. She has so much fun and actually it is a great addition to the school holidays.
It's not like school or work at all - I wish I could come and see how you do it :-)
A big thank you to you both - Jo and Louise !!"

Structure of Workshops:  All workshops will include a short, fun starter.  1 or 2 main activities and a finishing task. They will involve lots of practical, oral, group and independent work.  All children will take home a Bright Sparks Summary Sheet which will outline the content of the workshop and the learning objectives that were followed.  We will indicate where your child has succeeded in these and where support  or further reinforcement would be beneficial. Using the new National Curriculum we have created fun and practical experiences to switch on your child's love of learning.  Each workshop is limited to 8 children. 

**To request a booking form and book your child's place, please email us at

Please note payment must be received in full before a place on the workshop can be confirmed.  If you have any queries or questions please contact Jo or Louise and we will be happy to help.  Workshops take place in our Bright Sparks Teaching Studio in Great Ashby, Stevenage. 

Louise Allen BSc (Hons) PGCE

Joanne Sutherland BA (Hons) PGCE